Jeanette O'Hagan

Tales of Nardva

Unlikely heroes, thrilling adventure, clash of cultures, unthinkable choices. 

The Under the Mountain Series

Heart of the Mountain

YA Fantasy Adventures in the lost realm deep under the mountain.

Twins Delvina and Retza are desperate to be accepted as prentices by their parents’ old crew when they stumble across a stranger. Trapped under the mountain, young Zadeki’s only thought is to escape home to his kin. Peril awaits all three youngsters. Will they pull apart or work together to save the underground realm?

Heart of the Mountain is the first novella in the Under the Mountain series. Set in the world of Nardva.

Blood Crystal

What price survival?

The underground realm is under attack from mad Overseer Uzza and the Crystal Heart is failing. As things become desperate, Twins Delvina and Retza brave a treacherous journey to seek help from Zadeki and his people.

Will they find the answers they seek before it’s too late? What are the twins prepared to do to save their realm and those they love from certain destruction?

Blood Crystal is the sequel to Heart of the Mountain.

Akrad's Legacy Series

Four young lives are bound together in friendship, love, rivalry and tragedy.

Akrad's Children

A realm ravaged by civil war, a ruler scarred by betrayal, a legacy that haunts them all.

Caught between two cultures, a pawn in a deadly power struggle, Dinnis longs for the day his father will rescue him and his sister from the sorcerer Akrad's clutches. But things don't turn out how Dinnis imagines and his father betrays him.

Does Dinnis have a future among the Tamrin? Will he seek revenge for wrongs like his sister or forge a different destiny?

Akrad’s Children is a YA fantasy novel, the first book in the Akrad’s Legacy series. Set in the world of Nardva

Akrad's Children is available for pre-order 22nd September

Futurevision - Rendezvous at Alexgaia

Fictional visions form the near to distant future 
- who will we be and what challenges will we face?

Futurevision is an anthology with 20 stories by 20 Australian authors –  including stories by Delia Strange, Matt Hellscream, Julian Green, Kasper Beaumount, Nola Passmore, Nyssa Baschal, Raelene Purtill and Jeanette O'Hagan.

Rendezvous at Alexgaia By Jeanette O’Hagan 

In her last mission, Dana secured the Infinity Cube but it cost her partner's life or at least humanity.  Will Neon's sacrifice be for nothing or will Dana be able to retrieve the key to the mysterious cube’s use.

Rendezvous at Alexgaia is set in the future of Nardva and is the prequel to the Chameleon Protocols trilogy.

Jeanette O’Hagan (Bio)

Jeanette O’Hagan first started spinning tales in the world of Nardva at the age of eight or nine. She enjoys writing secondary world fiction, poetry, blogging and editing. Her Nardvan stories span continents, time and cultures. They involve a mixture of courtly intrigue, adventure, romance and/or shapeshifters and magic users.

In addition to her novellas and novel, her short stories and poems appear in numerous anthologies.

Jeanette has practised medicine, studied communication, history, theology and a Master of Arts (Writing).  She loves reading, painting, travel, catching up for coffee with friends, pondering the meaning of life. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and children.

You can follow Jeanette on her Website, Facebook Page or Twitter or other social media sites.

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